Chocolate & Coconut Breakfast Bars



1. To really make these oats sing, warm a dry frying pan on low heat and add in the coconut flakes, stir and watch till they begin to brown. Keep the heat low and be patient because they will go quickly from uncooked to bitter if the temperature is too high.


2. Tip them warm into a container and then quickly toast your rolled oats in the same way. Add those to your coconut and toast the pumpkin seeds next. The dry toasting should take you about 10 to 12 mins in total. We recommend it as it’ll change the taste of your oats dramatically.


3. Then mix all ingredients together and let it sit overnight. At this time of year, it should sit happily on a kitchen bench but in the fridge is perfectly acceptable.


4. These taste amazing with a dollop of chocolate coconut yoghurt on top.

Recipe Info



½ Cup rolled oats
½ Cup of unsweetened tinned coconut milk
1 tbsp Good dark cocoa powder
2 tbsp Good dark chocolate chips
1 tbsp Chia seeds
1 tbsp Flax seeds
3 tbsp Coconut flakes (toasted quickly in a dry pan)
2 tsp Maple syrup or vanilla stevia, to taste
1 tbsp Toasted pumpkin seeds