Overnight porridge oats


Perfect porridge is best cooked slowly on the hob but during the week many of us don’t have the time. Overnight porridge oats is the cheat way to the perfect bowl of porridge in the morning. Soaking the oats overnight allows the oats to soak up the liquid slowly and helps to intensify the flavour. In the morning all you have to do is pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes and add your toppings. We’ve suggested a basic recipe but you can be creative and mix up your flavourings.



– sliced banana, walnuts and peanut butter
– grated apple, raisins and cinnamon
– 70% dark chocolate shavings, pecans and almond butter
– raspberries, flaked almonds and a drizzle of honey
– sliced banana, chocolate nut butter and chopped hazelnuts




1. To prepare your overnight porridge oats; add the oats, milk, water, cinnamon, flaxseed, Raw Power Mix and blueberries to a Tupperware, bowl or jar.


2. Give it a good stir and place the lid on or cover it with a clingfilm.


3. Leave in the fridge overnight or for 8 hours.


4. In the morning, heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (or eat cold).


5. Remove from the microwave and add your preferred toppings for extra crunch such as more of the Raw Power Mix, almond butter and fresh berries.

Recipe Info


Serves 1



50g or half cup of whole rolled jumbo oats (these oats create a nicer texture compared to instant oats)
120ml or half cup of milk (cow, almond, oat or soya)
120ml or half a cup of water
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ground flaxseed (rich in omega 3 fats)
Handful of Raw Power Mix or any type of nuts and seeds (rich in healthy fats and source of protein)
Handful of berries such as blueberries (rich in antioxidants)