Nutritional Nugget – Z is for Zinc


Zinc is a mineral that you need for wound healing and helping you to process nutrients like carbs and protein from the food you eat. You get it from animal foods like meat, dairy foods and shellfish, but plant-based sources include bread and fortified breakfast cereals. Check out these 3 ways to get your daily zinc:
1.Prawn pasta. Add cooked prawns to any pasta dish and drizzle with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
2.Better burgers. Make your own burgers at home rather than going for fast food. Mix lean steak mince with breadcrumbs, seasoning and beaten egg to bind. Grill both sides till charred. Serve in a bagel for a change!
3.Crunchy topping. Use crumbled breakfast cereal as a coating in place of breadcrumbs when making home-made dishes like chicken drumsticks or scotch eggs. They’re great for adding texture to 4.firm tofu chunks too.