French toast with berries and honey


This recipe is a twist on the classic French toast and is a great option for brunch when you’re craving something sweet. We’ve used our Multi-seed and Cereal Pitta Breads in replace of regular bread as they are rich in fibre, and served it with berries, honey and our Raw Power Mix as a source of healthy fats. If savoury’s your thing then you can make eggy bread by swapping the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract, for a pinch of salt and pepper, and serving with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach.




1. In a large shallow bowl beat together the eggs, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract.



2. Heat a pan on a medium-high heat and add the oil or butter.



3. Soak each piece of pitta in the egg mixture for 2-3 minutes on each side. Pitta breads will take longer to soak up the egg mixture compared to regular bread.



4. Fry the pitta breads in the pan on both sides until golden, this should take approximately 3 minutes on each side.



5. Remove from the pan and serve with fresh berries, slices of banana, a drizzle of honey and Raw Power Mix.

Recipe Info


Serves 2



1 half pack of Food Doctor pitta bread (3 pitta’s)
2 medium eggs
2 tbsp of milk (cow, almond or soya)
1 tsp of cinnamon
Half tsp of nutmeg
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of olive oil or butter


To serve:
Drizzle of honey
Fresh berries or sliced banana
Food Doctor Raw Power Mix